Own it.

In this day and age people worry too much about what people think about you; Is it okay if I look like this? Will he think I am weird? Will they think I’m not as good as they are?

Of course, It is harder said than done but here is my advice; Ignore them
If YOU feel good with the way you look then it is their loss if they do not like you the way you like yourself. You have a tendency of first and foremost thinking about how others see you, how others see you and what others are saying about you when you are not around to hear their opinions.
That is where you take the first faulty step. Do not let them have a hold on you. Please yourself before you please others.

Think about whether YOU want to wear a specific outfit on a specific day.
Think about if YOU want to laugh even though your laugh is the weirdest thing you have ever heard come from a human’s mouth.
Think about if YOU want to go to that party all your friends are going to or if you just feel like staying at home because YOU have been working hard on YOUR downtime and you need to cut some slack.

You have to learn to cut yourself some slack because of course people will judge you. That is just how the humankind works but do not let that shape you. Let them judge you for being comfortable in your skin, in your style, and in your actions. Do not let society control you, because you are you. You are not a product of peer pressure or the ideals the world has manufactured. Do not be afraid to be or act differently from the norm. Do not be afraid to be unique and be 100% YOU. Because YOU are one of a kind. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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