It’s okay to make Mistakes

Yes, that up there, that was me a year ago. Let’s just say it was not the best decision I made. I had just turned fifteen years old and decided first and foremost to chop my exceedingly long hair off.
Hating the cut I got I thought why not take it one step further and do something even more dramatic. What would be better than to full on bleach your hair and go for platinum? Amanda Steele was doing it so why couldn’t I?

To say the least I had a small “middle age crisis” if you could even call fifteen middle-aged. I thought to myself “Darn, in one more of my lifetime I will be thirty. I should do something marking the beginning of a new life and do something with my life. I might as well bleach my hair”

Let’s just say I am never going blonde again because looking back I don’t think I really could pull it off the way it should have been. I was born a brunette for a reason.
Of course, I would not have known this unless I had done it in the first hand and had the courage to do it in the first place.

See, if you don’t try your hand at something, go wild and just do whatever comes to your mind you will never learn anything different about yourself. No matter what you think, you do not know everything about yourself. You have a whole lifetime to learn things about yourself. You have a whole life to learn from your mistakes no matter how prominent the decisions might feel right after you have taken them. Life is a game of trial and error so go out there and take the risk. You might learn something about yourself you never knew.

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