Study, study, study

There is something that has always been banged into our heads, ever since we were little. That was that hard work always brings us the good things, after all, they say Work hard, play hard and not Play hard, play harder.
There are always some points where you just stop and realize that you might be starting something that might be life-changing, whether that may be a new job or a new relationship or something in between. Sometimes it might be something that might not be particularly fun right now but when you get past it will lead you to the gold pot on the other side of the rainbow.

I know that school has just started for a lot of us and I myself have already had to start studying pretty much almost every day. Sometimes it might seem tough but you have to think about what is in it for you in the long haul. I mean Bill Gates did not just sleep during his work on Microsoft. It takes the effort you put in to make something wonderful happen. Just remember not to overthink it because that is not good either. Maintain that balance; work and live and you will make wonders happen. Just believe in yourself, even in the toughest of times and remember that I believe in you, whoever you are.



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